Year 3

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July 4, 2012 by EmerJencyWEBB

That’s right, I am officially in my senior year of residency! Looking forward to all the challenges that this year brings, as well as the wealth of information I hope to learn. We have ACEP Scientific Assembly to look forward to in October, and I will be blogging on that in a few months. I am also looking forward to working with this new group of interns. I enjoy education, and I hope to seek out lots of opportunity to teach this year. It’s the best way to learn. Other goals for this year include making it through my final call month (MICU) unscathed, expanding my ultrasound skills with a choice elective, increase my fellow residents’ exposure to Cloud based curriculum/sharing (very nifty stuff), hitting up toxicology hard (a weakness of mine), deliver my senior one hour-of-power lecture on Cardiac Trauma, search and apply for a job post-residency, and most of all…have fun while doing it all.


Oh yeah…and blog about all these experiences along the way!


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