Tox Timeout: Oxymorphone Toxicity

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July 23, 2012 by EmerJencyWEBB

I was reading the newspaper last week, when I came across THIS article on Opana use in the US.  We’ve covered the high points of opioid overdose management in our last Tox Timeout, so I have decided just to hit some highlights on Opana as we are already seeing more and more of it’s use.

Generic Name: Oxymorphone

Where does it come from?
It is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic that can be produced from morphine or oxycodone, and is actually an active metabolite of the latter.

What is it’s duration of action?
Immediate-Release (IR) preparations: 5-13 hours
Extended-Release (ER) preparations: up to 36+ hours

How is oxymorphone different than other opioids?
It has less and shorter lived euphoric effects than other commonly abused opiods, which leads opiate abusers to take more and more of this drug to get a high.  In doing so, taking larger doses of opioid leads to overdose.

What is the effect of alcohol co-administration?
Alcohol use has been shown to increase absorption as much as 240% and bio-availability as much as 70%.

What ways can this drug be used for illicit purposes?
Oral route, Crushed and Snorted, Injected.  There are reports of users home-baking their own supply starting with oxycodone as a base.

What are some common street names of the drug?
“Blues, biscuits, blue heaven, new blues, octagons (extended release), octagons, stop signs, pink, pink heaven, biscuits, pandas, pancakes, pink heaven, pink lady, Mrs O, Orgasna IR, OM, Pink O, The O Bomb ”

Presentation and management principles for opana overdose is the same as other opioids, with extra care given to larger ingestions, extended release preparations, co-administration of alcohol or other sedative-hypnotic agents.

Single- and multiple-dose pharmacokinetic and dose-proportionality study of oxymorphone immediate-release tablets. Drugs R D. 2005 ;6(2):91-9.



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