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August 6, 2012 by EmerJencyWEBB

Quick shout out to the LITFL review for their 70th installment plug.  It was much appreciated, and is great encouragement.  Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in week after week to deliver, in my opinion, the best emergency medicine content on the web.

With that in mind, let’s get to our agenda this week…

Tintinalli Tuesday:  Our week by week reading of the ‘Bible’ of Emergency medicine continues.  I’ll outline a chapter on Carbon Monoxide.  We’ll round the topic out with other references from around the web to really bring the important bits home.

Presidential Assassinations Part Two: James A. Garfield:  A fascinating story from American history that illustrates pre-modern views on wound care, surgery, antisepsis, as well as corollaries with modern aspects of patient care including transport of critical patients, and physician compensation.  Definitely the CAN’T MISS article of the week.

Cardiac Trauma Revisited: Preparation for my upcoming lecture continues as we delve into the land of medical journals to see what goodies we can uncover.

Case Report (Part Two): What’s the differential diagnosis for elevated opening pressure and what did our patient suffer from?


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