Make Your Own EM Reading List


August 27, 2012 by EmerJencyWEBB

For medical students, residents, and emergency medicine residency graduates…

Several of you have asked how to keep up with the variety of Emergency Medicine content out there.  With the advent of FOAM, it is essential to collate the stuff you find worthwhile online for easier reading and accessibility.  Below I’ll show you how simple it is to set up a reading list that updates automatically.

A simple RSS feed reader is all you need.  I use Google Reader when on my laptop, and the Feeddler app when I’m mobile.  They are both very easy to set up.

To set up a Google Reader account, sign up for their free email service.  One of the applications you can use is Reader, a customizable RSS list feed.

This is what my home screen looks like:

Enter a search term to find content.  For example, a search for “Journal of Emergency Medicine” yielded these results:

From here, just click that Subscribe button under the source, and it is magically added to your feed.  It is that simple.

Here’s a LINK to my feed list

For mobile access, I like the iphone app Feeddler, which links to your Google Reader account.

That’s it!  Create your list today and keep keeping up!


One thought on “Make Your Own EM Reading List

  1. Also, is a hilarious site. Must check it out.

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