Create Your Own Airway Log!

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September 19, 2012 by EmerJencyWEBB

Two points:

1. As someone still in training, I value any opportunity to review and reassess how I take care of patients.

2. Airway management in the ED is a big deal.

In light of the above, I started a personal Airway Log with a simple, free, online form creator…and you can too!  I use Wufoo, but I’m sure there are loads of similar programs out there.  The key is to document EVERY airway if possible, and to be truthful with yourself about when you fail and why you fail.  It’s also a great tool to see what actually worked in your hands in a difficult setting.  The great thing about these form creators is the ability to extrapolate data after acquisition, which is key.  Some will even tally results in spreadsheet or graphical form.

Below are some pics from the form I created:


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